Room to Read, Monsanto Fund Partner to Enhance Education for Children in Vietnam

Monsanto Fund and Room to Read recently announced a landmark three-year partnership until 2018 to improve literacy and gender equality for 21,000 children in farming communities in Vietnam.  Continue Reading »

Cultivating an Interest in Science

In St. Louis, the Gateway Region Y is proud to partner with the Monsanto Fund to offer the Monsanto “Science Gone Mad” program to allow youth, like Kanaay’a, to grow their interest and love of science...  Continue Reading »

Growing Rural Education: Through the Eyes of the Educators

People use math and science on a daily basis, from managing budgets to cooking in the kitchen. These subjects are also the foundation of innovative technology that leads to products that help feed a growing population and connect the world.  Continue Reading »

Agriculture Education in China: Monsanto China Green Village Project Improves Lives

The Monsanto China Green Village Project is helping to improve lives in the Nanmeng Village, Hebei Province of China. Nearly 700 farmers in the region received high-quality training funded by Monsanto in areas critical to their way of life.  Continue Reading »

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