About the Fund

Monsanto’s vision is to help farmers produce more, conserve more and improve lives through our products. As the philanthropic arm of the company, the Monsanto Fund seeks to improve lives by bridging the gap between people’s needs and their resources. Globally, we support solutions that address education and community needs in farming communities and communities where our employees live and work.

These are complex, but critical global issues. A quality education has the potential to improve individuals’ quality of living, increase their economic opportunities, and help stabilize communities. We support libraries, science centers, training and academic programs that enrich or supplement school curriculums.

Food security and access to clean water are a necessity, but not a reality for everyone. We assist with essential resources that help communities meet these basic needs to prevent diseases and improve individuals’ overall health.

There is not a single, simple solution for every community. Our approach is to let the communities and their partners define the critical needs of their communities and the appropriate solutions. We believe this promotes ownership and long-term sustainability. Through strong partnerships around the globe, we impact hundreds of thousands of people each year.

We extend our help through programs like America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education, which supports math and science education; a Kenya gardening project that supplements the government’s school feeding program; our partnership in Mexico that provides safe water for rural communities; and a five-year project to improve the income of 3,000 poor families in India’s Kalahandi district.

These are only a few of the amazing efforts we support. Although very different in focus, they are all making a difference. As president of the Monsanto Fund, I continue to focus my efforts on building a global philanthropic program that engages our stakeholders, respects cultural differences and allows our organization to contribute to making the world a better place in unique and powerful ways.


Deborah J. Patterson
President, Monsanto Fund