Habitat for Humanity Indonesia and the Monsanto Fund Provide Access for Agricultural Irrigation and Clean Water for People of Tuban

Jakarta, Indonesia – Monsanto Indonesia, the Monsanto Fund and Habitat for Humanity (HFH) have teamed up to build irrigation facilities, appropriate housing and access to clean water for the inhabitants of Sambungrejo Village of Indonesia. More than 1000 inhabitants of Tuban will benefit from the program.

Because residents have difficulty obtaining clean and drinkable water, have inappropriate housing, and have a hard time supplying water for agricultural irrigation, Monsanto and Habitat for Humanity Indonesia are working to help improve the quality of life for village inhabitants, most of whom are farmers. With the money from the Monsanto Fund, HFH Indonesia will not only build infrastructures, but also supply water for agricultural and household needs, and carry out education on healthy living behavior for the residents of Sambungrejo Village.

“Improvement upon the quality of farmers’ lives shall be the focus of Monsanto,” Herry Kristanto, Monsanto Indonesia corporate affairs lead, said. “With the implementation of this program, we are not expecting only the occurrence of health improvement for local people, but also the improvement of the economy in line with an increase in agricultural production of local farmers.”

HFH Indonesia will construct 20 homes, facilities to access clean water and toilets for the residents. They will also provide training about how to keep a healthy home.

“Besides having proper houses, as many as 200 family heads in this village have difficulties obtaining clean water, and 70% of its inhabitants are farmers,” Leopold Sutedja, senior program manager of HFH Indonesia, said. “Water plays an important role in agriculture and household. This has become a concern of HFH Indonesia. Because of Monsanto Indonesia, we are able to help the inhabitants of village Sambungrejo, especially in providing proper house and supply of water for agricultural needs.”

This program started in November 2011 and is estimated to be completed within one year. Monsanto and HFH Indonesia have previously cooperated in the construction of access to clean water and public toilet for 1,700 inhabitants in two villages located in Tajinan, Malang, East Java.