Using Education and Training to Improve Sanitation Conditions and Lives
in North Vietnam

In 2010, the Monsanto Fund paired with RECENFED, the Research Centre for Non-Formal Education, to improve the lives of women in North Vietnam’s Hoa Binh province. With their land heavily polluted because of unsafe agricultural practices and deforestation, the people of the Hoa Binh province needed help. 

The Monsanto Fund provided a $93,000 grant to RECENFED, a unit of the Ministry of Education and Training’s Vietnam National Institute for Educational Sciences. The RECENFED-Monsanto Fund partnership has provided the women of Hoa Binh with training related to healthier environmental and agricultural practices. 

As a result of this grant, more than 1,000 women had the opportunity to participate in training at the community learning center. Project facilitators provided easy-to-understand resources and materials about safe agricultural practices and sanitation. In addition to educating the women, the grant also provided technical and financial assistance to 125 households in the region.

Construction for new animal breeding facilities and bathrooms has taken place, and therefore thousands of villagers are experiencing improved safety and standards of living in their homes.

Learn more about this project and meet Bui, one of the women impacted by its efforts »