Dateline Brazil: Healthy Futures Through Knowledge

For more than a decade, the Monsanto Fund has supported INMED Brazil in their quest to improve the health, nutritional status and environmental awareness of 1.5 million children in Brazil. Through the Healthy Children, Healthy Futures program, INMED is working to:

  • Reduce hunger among participating children by increasing the availability of nutritious produce through school gardens and nutrition education for teachers, school food workers and parents of school-age children
  • Improve children’s health and nutritional status by increasing their access to nutritious foods, treating them for infections that rob them of vital nutrients, and educating them on good nutrition practices and preventative health, hygiene and sanitation measures
  • Build the foundation for long-term improvements in the quality of life for families in the community by enhancing environmental, health, and nutrition-related education for parents and other community members, and increasing food security by encouraging the use of family gardens

With this approach of family and community education and engagement, the work of INMED, complemented by $2.5 million from the Monsanto Fund, has impacted as many as 5 million people throughout Brazil.